Parents to marry off 21 underprivileged couples on daughter’s wedding day

21 daughters from underprivileged families would marry on the same day and at the same place of their own daughter’s wedding

It is said that a great, memorable wedding is every girl’s dream. Mahima was also no different, but she wanted a memorable wedding by ensuring the dreams also come true for other girls who are not as fortunate enough.

Daughter of an Indore-based industrialist Sunil Gupta and her wife Dr Divya, Mahima had left for the United States soon after completing her school. After finishing her engineering there, she pursued a Ph.D. course and is a nuclear scientist today.

When Mahima’s parents decided to get her married, she asked them to organize her wedding in a way that also brings smiles on the faces of deprived families, so that she could remember her wedding all through her life.

Acting on daughter’s request, the parents decided to marry off 21 daughters from underprivileged families on the same day and at the same place of their own daughter’s marriage.

Accordingly, a premier hotel in the eastern part of Indore has been booked for the grand event scheduled on November 17. 21 mandaps are being set up in the same area where Mahima is set to get married.

There is no bar of caste for couples wanting to get married. Their marriages shall be performed in accordance with their respective traditions and rituals, reports Patrika.

Mahima’s unique initiative has gained support from local community leaders and Indore-based Rajesh Kunjilal who has organized several mass weddings. Rajesh is also aiding the Gupta family in organizing the grand event.

15 couples have been identified. Arrangements are being made to ensure guests and marriage ceremonies of all the wedding couples are taken care of well. Besides incurring all wedding expenses, the Gupta family shall also offer gifts to the newly-wed couples to help them get started with their married lives.

H/T: Nai Duniya Featured Image: Patrika

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